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About Altaqwa University

Afghanistan is witnessing a rise in blended higher education venues and is constantly assessing their viability and impact on our development.

Al-taqwa Institute of Higher Education (ATIHE) takes pride of being the pioneer of this ambitious project and stands ready to nurture the new concept in university education delivery at the highest standards.

Since its inception in 2012, ATIHE has strived to offer blended higher learning programs in economics, business administration and law. The Board of Trusties has created ATIHE's mandate on the premise of offering distinguished educational quality and assurance of equal learning opportunities for all eligible students. ATIHE cherishes its social contribution, which we strive to achieve through a team spirit in our work environment and an attitude of being one family in serving our students.

With that quality, we endeavor to facilitate the relevant affairs of the students and assist them in overcoming challenges they might face in the course of their studies. ATIHE is excited to inform its community that it has started offering new graduate and diploma programs to accommodate needs and requests. In doing so, we will enrich our alumni database with professionals in all disciplines and thus further fulfill our social corporate responsibility.

After all, ATIHE graduates are our best ambassadors and to them we extend our profound appreciation and attribute the credit for our success.