Diploma in English Language (DEL)

Program Objectives

Al- Taqwa institute of higher education provides a comprehensive suite of English language programs through our specially selected series of English language learning books that help students / learners. Backed by years of experience, our program Instructors help individuals achieve academic, business and personal success with English language proficiency.

This course is very useful for all students who are planning on going for their first or second job interview and/or continue    higher studies in the country and/or abroad. The course will help them present themselves better so as to project a   favorable image before the interviewer and teachers. Also the course will train them on the multiple rounds of interviews conducted and the stress questions asked by leading companies today.

This course has been carefully created using specially designed tests to let you see how quickly you are progressing. The material aims to deepen and extend the student’s knowledge of English from Moderate to Advance level. The outcome of    the program will be that:

Students gain fluency in English;

Students learn to work independently;

Students improve speaking and listening skills and think in English;

Students read, write and speak in English using appropriate forms depending on social purpose.


 The duration of Diploma in English Language (DEL) program is 1 year consisting of 20 courses in two semesters we have 4 Quarters carrying 36 credit hours and students are consist per class 20 students.