Research Center


Our research center was established in the frame work of Al- Taqwa institute of Higher Education in October 2017 to extend the academic research among the people as well as prepare the scientific research due to the requirements of the society.

Administration structure:

Our research center has three permanent members, work under the leading of the vice chancellor in academic affairs of AIHE.


To become a premier research-educational institution in the region, recognized for excellence in teaching, learning and research, and preparing reflective Teachers & Students, researchers and leaders, imbued with the spirit and ideology of Islam and Afghanistan, working for diversity and the common good of all fellow humans.


Providing leadership and inspiration for learning, working on holistic development of educators, researchers and educational leaders by focusing on their knowledge, skills and attitude, advancing the profession of education through the application of research based methods, the effective use of technology, and the analysis and development of educational policy and practice.

Core values:

Improving high-quality research is a necessary requirement for creating successful position in academic world. The objectives of  Research & development (R&D) Center  will be:

  • To build research careers, internationalization of human potential, support to strengthen the knowledge foundation and promote the creation of new ideas blended with cognitive and creative approaches, as well as societal impact of education, research and innovation.
  • Academic and professional solutions for problems and conflicts.
  • To the raise the academic researches and innovation.