Decades of wars in our beloved country has almost damaged/destroyed/ruined everything and brought too much misery and grief to our beloved country, especially in terms of education system.
Progress of human communities’ is dependent on vocational education and professional studies, plunging in flames a nation worn without education professional studies and training and be like a nation that all aspects relating to other activities, if someone performs an activity, it may also be used to operate the nation and if it did not then it would be heading aimlessly without bring any changes to him/her and to the nation.
The community received results from educational institutions and universities, the centers that conduct aimed at scientific and professional research progress alongside the community needs to push for the professional cadres training in every field and the resources and research taking advantage of positive change. Similarly, universities of positive change in society, strengthen patriotic feeling, social consciousness and strengthen sustainable community lay the foundation to build. Besides that, both governmental/state and private universities/institutions are operating country’s younger generation of professional training. The institution of higher education to serve the Afghan Constitution, Article 46 orders in accordance with the Higher Education Ministry to receive licenses to the educational field through professional education and research.
The higher education institution at national and international level against the professional workforce are graduates community to strengthen its mission considers that they can be easily absorbed in the national and international market, discover new veins of progress, innovation conduct and lasting positive change. This initiative and positive change to the society in profound changes to end the misery caused through.
As Vice We attract students who are committed to academic education, research skills and feel dedicated to serving the community. Besides that, we are at the national level departments, faculties and University Extension and Development Besides planning for the strategic clinic establishment and expansion of understanding and working with the world’s prestigious scientific centers and universities to ensure that the educational organization also admired the reputation alongside international academic accreditation at the national level.

Sayed Abdul Hakim “Hikmat”