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About the institute

Al-Taqwa Institute of Higher Education (ATIHE) is the leading business and law institute of higher education, established on February 06, 2012, in the Nangarhar, Afghanistan, its recognition and acknowledgment have been extending beyond the province, the institute is recognized by the government as a seat of quality and academic excellence, by considering the further expansion and excellence in economics, business administration, law, and political science and all associated discipline a board of governors was formed and instituted as the sole body of policymaking by providing a clear direction to achieve the long term goals of the institute.   The board of governors is composed of prominent educationalists, eminent corporate executives, and industrialists, representatives of governmental agencies from different provinces, and as well as the federal government. The board of governors is a dynamic and well-experienced body with a variety of skills and expertise for providing the future direction and keeps the institute on the track where development and productivity can be possible and achieved.  

It has been nominated to the accreditation process of the ministry of higher education Afghanistan and has successfully passed the first phase and working for the achievement of accreditation from the ministry, the ranking was based on the implementation status quality assurance standards, teaching excellence, and research work.  The institute has a sole owner which enables it to respond sharply and on time to any necessary development in the world of academic results to reach academic excellence.

The institute operates with a view to encourage growth in student’s knowledge and professional proficiency and make them able to remain competitive in the current local and international markets. The institute has been achieving this specific objective successfully. And besides this, the institute also expands its functions over time. Today the institute offers degree programs in economics, business administration, law, and political science. All the faculties are intimately strapped knowledge base that makes it possible to create synergy and foster the cross-fertilization of knowledge. The institute currently has unique facilities for the students such as a well-equipped Legal Clinic, rich and state of the art library, modern and well-equipped computer lab, transportation for female students, a Prayer place(Masque), a cafeteria, and a photocopying shop, with the purpose to facilitate students while they are at the campus.

Keeping in view the importance of international linkages and strategic alliances the institute has built various numbers of collaborations with national and international partners; specifically, in term of international linkages, the institute has MOUs with Bircham International University, Spain, and Abasyn University, Peshawar, Pakistan in the fields of Teaching, Research, Publication and Students/Faculty Exchange Program.

 The current position of the institute in term of the total strength of (4753) enrolled students in its offered programs; The Institute has graduated (870) students since its inception in the fields of Economics, business administration, law, and political science who are now the best ambassadors for the institute by providing their expertise in various private and governmental organizations. All the development was made possible by services of distinguished male and female academic staff having Ph.D., M.Phil., and Master degrees from national and international universities with extensive experience in their relevant areas and as well as the cooperative and dedicated administrative crew that had the intentions and creativity to grow beyond the narrow confines of state offering education.