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Admission Requirement

Admission Requirements

Students are accepted at Al-Taqwa institute of higher education excluding the sexual, racial, zonal, tribal, credential, and linguistic discrimination. Students are admitted after fulfilling the beneath conditions:

1- Valid certificate of the 12th grade from the ministry of education.
2- The commitment to accepting the rules and policies of the organization of the discipline.
3- National ID cards, however for passport and visa for foraging students.
4- Passing the entry test at Al-Taqwa institute of higher education.
5- A student in the case, is registering for the third semester of economic faculty, despite the above-mentioned conditions he/she, in particular, has to have completed the following conditions, having a valid certificate of the 13th or 14th grade.
6- Accomplished 80% marks in the examinations of the 13th or 14th grade.

Admission Process

Fourteen Grade Graduates Acceptance Terms

The Ministry of Higher Education considered the relevant documents, graduates of the 14th class of the country’s Technical and Professional (Management and Accountability and other Similar) institutes’ graduates will be admitted only in the third semester of the Economics Faculty after completion of the following points:

1. All the students must get and fulfill the registration form from the voice chancellor of students’ affairs.

2. Every student is responsible to pay (500) afg, for registration, required by NEXA.

3. There are (100) relevant questions and each question has one mark in Entry Test (Kankor Exam).

4. Entry Test (Kankor Exam) results will be announced within seven days after the examination.

5. Passing score is limited to (60) marks, if the numbers of passed students increased these marks may change according to the numbers of passed students.