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Al-Taghavi was celebrated by the Institute of Higher Education with flags to the staff of the national flag .

Al-Taqwa celebrated the day on the occasion of Assad 7th National Flag Day by leading the Higher Education Organization with three kinds of flags to his workers . During the program of 7/Zmarai/1400, the head of the organization , Dr . Abdul Lati Mal , congratulated the countrymen on the national flag day . Unity , recognition , freedom and sacrifice are signs and should be truly preserved . The country ‘s current three flags , including the word ” martyrdom ” , have been recognized as the country ‘s official national flag since 2004, and the colors have been revealed for the first time during the reign of Ghazi Amanullah Khan . : Black is the symbol of Afghanistan ‘s invading times , red is the sign of the martyrs of the country ‘s freedom , and the green color is a sign of progress and growth after achieving the freedom of the country . Directorate of Publications for a Secure Future

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