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The following facilities are present at the campus for students

  • Meeting rooms for student clubs/associations

The campus has well furnished meeting room for the conducting of meetings of the students clubs and association.

  • Mosque:

The campus also has a beautifully designed, community mosque which is open 24 hours a day. Daily sermons are delivered in both Arabic and Urdu.

  • Parking

The campus has wide and proper to provide the best facilities to faculty, students and visitors for parking their vehicles.

  • Library:
  • Legal Clinic
  • Student exchange programs

The institute has well equipped and state of the art library with books from all the disciplines and a comfortable environment for study.

 Legal clinic has been established for the students for law and political science where they can be able to be engaged in practical work.

  • Free Access to internet

A high speed internet facility is available to students which help them enable to be connected with internet for the study purposes.

The institute has plenty of MOUs with different international universities which include student exchange programs, collaborative research work.

  • Cafeteria

The cafeteria has been established for providing hygienic food for both faculty and students.

  • Transportation facility for female students

Transformation facility is only given to female students in both morning and evening shifts