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Cultural Committee celebrated International Students’ day!

In the celebration of this international day, the founder Eng. Amanullah ‘’Aman’’, chancellor, lecturers, the administrative staff of the al taqwa institute higher education, and a large number of students participated.
First, Khushal Jawad the Chancellor of the Institute congratulated all the students and spoke about the history and importance of this day. He said, “Improving the quality of teaching environment and teaching quality are our priorities and we will provide better facilities for you in this regard and utilize the existing facilities.
Next, On behalf of the students, Amjad Khawarin, a student of the Faculty of Law and Political Science, presented his essay about ‘’The rights and responsibilities of students’’ to the participants.
Finally, Mr. Syed Ikram Pacha a lecturer at the al taqwa institute higher education explained the responsibilities of the students from the Islamic point of view and ended up the ceremony with Dua.

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