Nearly 700 graduates with professional knowledge and skills were presented to serve the community

About 700 male and female graduates from the faculties of law and political science and economics in the twelfth term of the Al-Taqwa Institute of Higher Education were presented at a large gathering to serve the community. Engineer Amanullah Aman, Founder Engineer, Director Khushal Jawad, Deputies, Lecturers, Administrative Staff, Deputy Governor of Nangarhar, Lecturers of Nangarhar University, High School for Eastern Zone. Representatives of the Education Commission and officials of various institutions, family members and friends of the graduating students were present. Alam spoke about the importance of science and reminded them of their future responsibilities. Later, Khushal Jawad, director of the institute, said that about 700 male and female graduates would be presented to the society at the graduation ceremony. Speaking to the graduates, Mr. Jawad said, Mr. Jawad also highlighted the future academic programs and activities of the institute. He asked the officials to provide job opportunities to the professional and specialized youth within the framework of the government. At the graduation ceremony, the Deputy Governor of Nangarhar, Sheikh Abdul Sabur Abu Dujana Al-Taqwa, thanked the founder, director and all the leadership of the Higher Education Institution for this. Deputy Governor Abu Dujana said that the country needs professional cadres and we will work together for its development. . Speaking at the grand gathering, Qazi Khalid Sadaqat, head of the commission for higher education at the eastern zone, said it was a great pleasure to attend a gathering of hundreds of young people to serve the community. He added that now is not the time for young people to go to the office with doctoral and master’s degrees, but remain frustrated, but the Islamic Emirate always supports the country’s academic cadres and will support them. Abdul Basir Sabawoon, the head of the Society for Positive Change, also congratulated the graduates and encouraged them to pursue higher education and progress and prosperity in the country. All the graduates were given certificates of graduation by the academic vice chancellor of the institute, Mr. Abdul Hameed Seerat, after taking the oath of allegiance to Islam, profession and country. Sadaqat and Al-Taqwa on behalf of Nangarhar University to Prof. Syed Akram Hashimi The awards were presented by the organization to the Deputy Governor of Nangarhar, Director of Education and Abdul Basir Sabawoon. It should not be forgotten that at the graduation ceremony, the members of the cultural committee of the organization presented a play related to the current situation and a song prepared for Al-Taqwa by two blind students.