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Faculty of economics


The study of economics helps people understand the world around them. It enables people to understand people, businesses, markets, and governments, and therefore better respond to the threats and opportunities that emerge when things change. The Economics Faculty at Al_Taqwa Institute of Higher Education offers a sufficient number of elective subjects to broaden the horizon in economics, business study, Social sciences, and in the field of art. It brings together highly qualified, experienced national and international faculties, visiting lecturers, and experts to prepare our students for challenging career opportunities. Our courses are specially designed according to the policies and rules are given by the Ministry of Higher Education, Afghanistan.

The Economics Faculty provides students with theories and concept related international and world-class business practices.


To be recognized as a faculty with quality higher education in the fields of economics, business management and research, through professional lecturers recognized for excellence in instruction, research, and service.


Our mission is to prepare students for the leadership positions in public and private sectors with set of managerial and entrepreneurial capabilities attained through the curricula, research and field knowledge along with empathy for the development of prosperous society.

  1. To provide sufficient knowledge of Mathematics, statistics, Economics, Accounting & Finance, Management, Marketing and to give due consideration to oral and written communication skills. This would, eventually, help the graduates express themselves confidently.
  2. To foster an environment that promotes learning through quality teaching and research, while encouraging mutual respect, tolerance and sensitivity.
  3. To provide qualified and focused professionals in the economics to meet the future needs of public and private sectors of Afghanistan.
  4. To provide quality graduates who will be competitive in domestic and international firms, and who can successfully continue their studies at the post-graduate level.
  5. To build confidence among the students for independently undertaking responsibilities of organizational success with proven ability.
Academic Programs

Faculty of Economics offers following two degree programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics (B.Sc. Economics)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Both department students study basic subjects of each department as common subjects so that they can have a comprehensive understanding of inter-relationships among economy, business administration, both programs require completing a total of 144 credit hours, which include major course modules in all programs subject areas. The normal duration for the completion of the above programs is eight semesters. The first four semesters are combined for all three degree programs in which general subjects are offered to the students, and in the remaining four semester specialization subjects are offered.

According to the rules and policies of Ministry of Higher Education, Afghanistan, a student can be enrolled in only one program at a time.

Bachelor of Science in Economics (B.Sc. Economics)

Program Introduction:

The study of economics degree from Al _Taqwa Institute of Higher Education, prepares students to adjust to unexpected changes and take advantage of unexpected opportunities. This program covers a broad spectrum of subjects, to enables students to study economy from many different angles, which leads them to obtain economic thinking on various issues.

The Bachelor of Economics program is designed for those students who wish to pursue their careers as analysts or economists. This program requires completing a total of 144 credit hours during eight semesters, in which 138 credit hours are for studies and 6 credit hours are required for students’ internship or research project.

Scheme of Studies
1st Semester
1 Islamic studies 1
2 English 3
3 Basic Math 2
4 Principles of Economics 3
5 Principles of Accounting 3
6 Introduction to Business 3
7 Principles of Management 3
2nd Semester
1 Islamic Study 1
2 Micro EconomicsPrinciples of Economics3
3 Financial AccountingPrinciples of Accounting3
4 Principle of Marketing 3
5 Business MathBasic Math3
6 Afghan Study 2
7 Business English IEnglish3
3rd Semester
1 Islamic Study 1
2 Macro EconomicsPrinciples of Economics3
3 Business English IIBusiness English I3
4 HRMPrinciples of Management3
5 Computer 3
6 Advance  AccountingFinancial Accounting3
7 Environmental Sciences 2
4th Semester
1 Islamic Study 1
2 Money and Banking 3
3 Business Finance 3
4 Cost AccountingFinancial Accounting3
5 Marketing ManagementPrinciple of Marketing3
6 Business Communication 2
7 International BusinessIntroduction to Business3
5th Semester
1 Entrepreneurship 3
2 International Economics 3
3 Advance Micro Economics 3
4 Advance Macro Economics 3
5 Afghanistan Economy 3
6 Islamic Study 1
7 Statics IBusiness Math2
6th Semester
1 Project ManagementPrinciples of Management3
2 Business Research MethodologyStatistics3
3 Development Economics 3
4 Monitory Economics 3
5 Population Economics 3
6 Islamic Study 1
7 Statistics IIStatics I2
7th Semester
1 Organizational  Behavior 3
2 Econometrics 3
3 Industrial Economics 3
4 Agricultural Economics 3
5 Islamic Study 1
6 Urban Economics 3
7 Psychology 2
8th Semester
1 Managerial Economics 3
2 Economics Planning 3
3 Labor Economics 3
4 Research Writing 2
5 Islamic Study 1
6 Research Thesis 6
1Basic Subjects3826.388
2Specialization Subjects7854.167
3University Included Subjects1812.5
4General Subjects42.778
5Undergraduate Thesis64.167
Total Credits144100 %