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Individual Kankor Exam For Fall/Autumn Semester 2021/ 10/ 30!

Miscellaneous Concourse Exam for Fiscal Semester!
1400 L / Balance /
Al-Taqwa Higher Education Institution conducted various entrance exams for hundreds of 12th grade male and female graduates for the current financial year semester in the presence of the institution’s leadership and a delegation from the Ministry of Higher Education.
During the opening ceremony of the exam, Mr. Khushal Jawad, Director of Al-Taqwa Higher Education Institute, welcomed the visiting delegation and participants and assured them of the transparency of the exam and hoped that there would be full transparency and fairness in the exam. To be used.
Mr. Jawad told the participants that the results of the exams will be announced next Monday and the process of enrolling the successful students in the classes will start on Tuesday. The section will provide better facilities for you and will expand the available facilities.
Afterwards, on behalf of the delegation of the Ministry of Higher Education, Professor Mohammad Sadiq Rahnama, a lecturer at Nangarhar University, told the test participants that we have chosen the best and standard place to get professional higher education, because Al-Taqwa is the best place for higher education. The institute has provided the society with the best academic cadres in legal and economic sciences and well-equipped cadres with a good learning environment.
Finally, in the presence of the leadership of the institute, a delegation from the Ministry of Higher Education and representatives of the test participants, a question box was opened and the test began.
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