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About us

Quality enhancement is an unmatchable and unique phase in terms of higher education in Afghanistan.

Quality need to be considered while providing higher education in today’s environment keeping in view the rapid growth in higher education it is necessary to make sure that quality education is provided and considering the standards of quality assurance of the ministry of higher education Afghanistan in order to sustain current levels of academic and improve contemporary learning process to be able to achieve academic excellence.

Altaqwa institute of higher education has committed to keep the pace of continuous improvement through quality management and quality assurance as indicated in its strategic objectives as follow.

Ensuring Significance:

Proactively interact with work of community and world to cater emerging requirement and striving to be on the world platform.

Quality teaching and learning assurance:

Striving for the enhancement of existing provisions and continuously work for the improvement in the quality of teaching and learning and progressively work for the best practices to be implemented.

Strengthen and enriching research:

 The institute is trying to develop research culture and further work on strengthening research activities by conducting research for academics, organizations, and society.