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Accreditation Framework

  1. Mission and Strategy: The institution has a clear Mission and Strategic Plan that is understood by all stakeholders and provides the basis for decision-making and resource allocation.

1.Mission 2.Strategic Planning 3.Implementation Planning 4.Organizational Effectiveness 5.Public Information

  1. Contribution to Society and Development: The institution makes a valuable contribution to society, regional, local, and national development. This is reflected in its strategic goals and informs decision-making and the activity of staff and students.

1.Academic activity 2.Staff Engagement and Contribution 3.Student Engagement

  1. Governance, Leadership and Administration: The governance, leadership, and administration of the institution is focused on the achievement of its Mission and strategic goals.

1.Governance 2.Leadership 3.Administration 4.Ethics

  1. Financial Resources and Management: The institution’s resources are allocated and managed to ensure the achievement of its Mission and Strategic Plan.

1.Financial Planning 2.Financial Management 3.Financial Systems 4.Audit

  1. Academic programs: Academic programs are consistent with the institution’s mission and are regularly reviewed to ensure continuous improvement.
  2. Program Requirements 2.Annual program Monitoring 3.Program Review 4.Pedagogy 5.Assessment 6.E-Learning (Technology) 7.Collaborative Partnerships
  3. Research: The institution is planning to develop its research activity and is ensuring that faculty members are engaged in research activity.

1.Research Activity 2.Support 3.Training

  1. Faculty Members and Staff: The institution employs, manages and develops its faculty members and staff to ensure that it is able to achieve its Mission and strategic goals.
  2. Academic Capacity 2.Non-academic Capacity 3.Staffing Policies and Processes 4.Performance Review: faculty 5. Performance Review: non-faculty 6. Professional Development 7.Academic Freedom 8.Staff Complaints
  3. Students Experience: The institution ensures that it creates a positive environment in which its student body can learn, develop and prosper.

1.Student Data 2.Student Feedback 3.Graduate Skills 4.Student Services and Support 5.Fairness and Equity 6.Disciplinary Policy and Procedures

  1. Quality Assurance and Enhancement: The institution has structures and processes to review and continuously improve the quality of all aspects of its activity.

1.Organization and Management 2.Resources

  1. Library and Information Resources: The institution provides students and faculty with adequate access to appropriate library and information resources.

1.Capacity 2.Management 3.Access

  1. Teaching, Information Technology and Facilities: The institution’ facilities and IT infrastructure are adequate for the achievement of its Mission and strategic goals.

1.Teaching Facilities 2.Information Technology 3.Facilities 4.Health, Safety and Security