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Research Society

Research Society

Students helping students get involved with research

The Research Society is a community of undergraduate students who have some research experience and who support each other in the research journey.

Our members:

  • Have current or previous research experience
  • Understand various ways students access research at Al-Taqwa and beyond (orientation provided)
  • Enjoy talking with students about their research and how they got involved
  • Support students who want to get involved in research by providing guidance, insight and access to their research network
  • Attend one social event per year


The first step to become a member of the Undergraduate Research Society is to attend an orientation.

Orientation lasts 30 minutes and covers the purpose of the Society, expectations of members, and member perks. Register for an Undergraduate Research Society orientation.

Don’t Have Research Experience?

Register for a Ready for Research information session to learn more about what research is and how to get involved. Students who attend these sessions can be introduced to an experienced student researcher for insight and guidance.