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The mock trial is over !

Al-Taqwa Higher Education Institution’s Legal Clinic conducted a mock trial of law and political science students in the presence of the institute’s leadership, lecturers and a number of students.
At the opening of the mock trial, Al-Taqwa Higher Education Director Khushal Jawad thanked the officials and the instructor of the legal clinic and said that we will use all our resources for the practical training of the students and the capacity of the students in every field. Jawali, who is committed to promotion, added that he would do more to provide practical work and academic trips for students.
Afterwards, a mock trial by the students of the Faculty of Law and Political Science was well attended, which drew special attention from the participants.
Finally, Abdul Hameed Seerat, Academic Vice President of the institute, said that the performance of such demonstration programs shows that Al-Taqwa Institute of Higher Education is committed to theoretical as well as practical education of the students. Working tirelessly in the field, he praised the mock trial and said that all the roles were performed by the students in an excellent and professional manner, which shows the strength of their practical learning.
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